Sunday April 7th we had our Seated Scribe circle where we share our works on note cards, read them if we can or wish to read them. We have several people in the group who will microphone up and read the work for the writer. It is good to hear someone else read your work to give you a better perspective of your write. We all have our own internal voice and internal editor and it is easy to miss things without having an opportunity to vet them out, to give something the once-over on an informal relaxed basis. I have a text on feedback, which I hand out at the start of each session. It needs some tweaking with the wording but eventually we will work that out. To summarize it just simply states that feedback is a positive thing and something most writers would like to see how their write expresses the emotions or textures or what could use some tweaks here and there. I will attest to the fact that our group is a great audience to new writers and we hope that new writers try a visit with us on every Sunday in second life at sl time of 2pm. It is our hope that fellow writers join our group and participate in the circle if only to come by and listen or read some great stories or poems. This event is a very flexible event and there is no time frame for a single write, it is an hour long event so naturally it would only have to work within that framework. That said, after the event we have been known to just hang by the fire and actually have a conversation. This coming Sunday April 14 at 2pm sl time one of our members will share a 3000 word story that has been published. He will read the story, we will hand out note card of the story and then we can give him feedback on the story. Because it is a 3000 word story he may be the only one to share within the hour long session, we will have to see. We do want to spend time giving back to him what we got from his story. This is the first time where we did a story this long so we will have to make it up as we go along but it is what I love about the event, its flexible. I share hosting with my two partners for the Seated Scribe group, Severina Halostar and TalkwithMarie (Redgoddess). I hope everyone can come by and share the joy and passion of writing with us at the Scribes.