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BC here. I just wanted to comment on last Sundays Seated Scribes event we held on the deck. There are a couple of things I truly love about writing and events in Second Life. First is the new writers making their forays into writing for the first time and finding their “voice”. We do have that internal voice when we write and it is really great when the writers bring out the new write read it out loud for the first time or have someone read it for them in a group. We do of course self edit and its easy to go right by something with internal voice never catching it but when you read it or have someone else read it, it’s amazing how things can be missed!
Well that’s one thing I love about our Seated Scribes event. The other is how wonderful it is when I read my work out loud and the group offers feedback, I love feedback myself positive or negative. One thing you will find it is that it is almost always positive with helpful ideas offered. I pulled an old poem of mine out and read it for the first time in a long time. I was amused at what I must have been thinking at the time I wrote it. The work had a very good tempo up the last line, which veered completely away from the overall tempo of work. Great feedback and a very slightly changed last line and I went from a piece I was never satisfied with to a well a better feeling about it now. I’m never completely satisified with my writes. They are almost all wips (work in progress).
The key to group event like the Seated Scribes is the people who come by and grab a seat participating in the event. For me it is an event I always look forward to!