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I looked up to a darkening blood red sky,
close of another day and more men died.
Rain fell, and washed the faces of the dead,
water flowed, merging where they bled.
Sky and water with blended hues, were red.

They say that scars and memory fade with time,
we shall dimly recall the very worst of mankind.
Forget the names of mates within our corps,
and all the ugliness and stench that is war.
I knelt in earnest and with conviction prayed,
every single sight and smell would with me stay.
Give me nightmares, rather than let this fade away!

I remember all and will until my last day,
this ex soldier might with the young have his say.
Avoid at all costs the deadly price and nevermore,
take part of old men’s clouded vision of war!

At eventide I stand and watch the setting sun,
hearing comments on the beauty as colors run.
I turn my head and with misted eyes,
recall red water with blended hues of sky.