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There was dampness from mornings dew,
one cool dawn in a meadow long ago.
It was warm summer when I found love true,
but lost it in winters cold, how was I to know?

Floating in quick water, pale petals fallen,
tall grasses bowing to soft and gentle breeze.
Seasons changes crept in a stealthily fashion,
all warmth departing and ferment hearts freeze!

The land once pure and un-darkened now shows,
a stark and shadowed repose.
All about me now grows a numbing bitter cold,
as loss now has me in its throes, how was I to know?

The youth in me, enchanted by fevered passion,
and blood heated by suns warm golden glow.
Loved one with vernal heart, who sought to love again,
a fleet season, t’was not eternal, how was I to know?