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My collar up and vest pulled tight
I joined the search in hopes I might
find who they looked for thru the night
on this windy November day.

All the while remembering the laughter
how she looked back as I chased after
when she took my hat and made her getaway
searching on this crisp November day.

Recalling how she was such a good runner
of all the joy and play of that summer
how bright and colorful, now so dark and grey,
on this November day.

Dread now rose within me and cold gripped my breast
legs turned heavy but I forced myself to the crest.
Where we played, I saw a leaf covered form at rest,
to my knees I fell by the mound, clutching at my chest.

A pain like no other tore through me as I lay
upon the ground, I screamed out and prayed…
The best part of my world would not be taken away,
when part of me died…
on a cold November day.