In Second Life, a virtual world, The Seated Scribes had the one hour session at 2pm SLT/PST (5pm EST) on Sunday September 30th at The Four Bridges Project Sim. The concept of this event is new and will evolve over time. Any participant is welcome to provide a written piece of work, be it poetry, prose, flash fiction, read it first then seek feedback/comments as they wish to receive. We are finding it doesn’t take much to start the discussion about any written work. Group participants provide their impressions/thoughts, visuals, and reactions in the form of feedback. In previous sessions, authors provided the muse to their poetry (it was great to hear what brought the work to paper), or shared a work in progress (WIP) and if asked would take impressions and feedback on the work for improvements to consider. After the discussions the author reads the work again. Now it’s not all about feedback to make changes and it’s not at all about criticism. Sometimes it’s just good to hear the work then give impressions to the writer, do you see the visuals…etc. All agree a much better appreciation can be had of the work this way. It has gone very well so far.

I seldom get tripped up on cold reads, reading a work from another writer without a chance to pre-read the work. I do enjoy reading them this way to savor the discovery of the write at the same time as the listeners. One writer provided a draft of a short fiction that really threw me on the read. It was very well done and I hope to see the finished product after his edits and the follow up stories if he decides to continue them. It was a very powerful work and deals with abuse. I was fortunate that another group participant kindly agreed to read the piece a second time for us and his reading of that work was spot on! He did an amazing job. Thank you so much.

The same participant who read that work for me also provided a marvelous poem on the word box, now that was a good piece of writing and his visit was a much appreciated addition to our session. I love how he trivializes his work before handing it over then it turns out to be an impressive write, not the first time he has done that! The Seated Scribes has attracted several consistent participants over the last few weeks. They are wonderful additions to our weekly event. One particular regular participant, challenges all of us on our writing to write what we want to write. She openly shares her works for discussion and loves a good debate. She has quickly embraced the concept of The Seated Scribes and supports the role of feedback during the session.

The participation of the group sitting around the fire is critical to the success of the session. I have to admit that I chuckled when two participants sparred over the use of old English in one of the works. I decided to leave that battle for the folks across the ocean and sit that one out. Stay tuned for more…